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Corrosion protection

We are in the forefront of product development in the industry.

In 2011, CW Lundberg AB began working with Zinc-Magnesium, a new surface treatment for steel sheet metal that was introduced onto the market. This surface treatment replaces traditional hot galvanisation and is a considerably more environmentally friendly and corrosion resistant alternative.

We can proudly state that in 2016, all our our products will be made of Zinc-Magnesium and that no products will be welded.

Advantages of Zinc-Magnesium compared with hot galvanised steel

• Up to ten times better corrosion resistance.
• Corrosivity class C5 for 20 years.
• Lower environmental impact thanks to a 75% lower zinc content and up to 75% slower zinc run-off rate.



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Magnelis gives the material the ability to heal

Magnelis contains zinc, aluminium and magnesium, and it allows cut edges and other damages to the surface layer to heal. This healing ability is better than for pure zinc, such as products with hot galvanised surfaces. Aluminium and magnesium have the ability to adapt to the given circumstances and they help to create a protective layer on the damaged surface. The resistance offered by Magnelis products may be at least equivalent to that of stainless steel or aluminium products.

Magnelis reduces the effect of the environment

Our Magnelis-coated roof-safety products contain only a quarter of the zinc found in hot galvanised products. This means that the zinc run-off is only one quarter of that of hot galvanised products. Moreover, we protect the surface with powder coating, which halts the zinc run-off completely. Products with Magnelis reduce the environmental impact through the reduced consumption of raw materials and the emission of zinc into nature.