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The property owner has the responsibility of performing inspections and taking measures so that functions and devices on the roof are maintained. If the roof or roof safety devices have serious defects, they must not be walked on/used; rather, more secure methods must be used.

When inspecting a roof and roof safety, for example, within a roof shovelling contract, the inspection protocol may be submitted and a sign posted at the access point. If this inspection is complete then other professional groups may be present on the roof during the period established.


Remember that

Even the inspection work shall be performed on a roof in a safe manner by people with the appropriate training and equipment. Always check the equipment before using it. Ensure, for example, the strength of the anchoring devices before anchoring personal fall protection equipment.

You can find more information about maintenance and inspection under Risk analysis - survey and assessment

Maintenance/inspection requirements

The employer of employees who are to perform work up on a roof are responsible, prior to the work being performed, to ensure that the roof and access routes etc. are inspected so that the work can be done safely.

Property owners that have fireplaces and chimneys that need to be swept are responsible for ensuring that fire is prevented and thus the responsibility to ensure that there is a means for chimney sweeps to do their work safely. That is to say that it must be safe getting up to the roof, getting to the chimney and to do the actual work of sweeping.

Certain roof safety devices according to these standards are required to be inspected each year or prior to use. Among these are dragline and rail systems for the anchoring of personal fall protection.

Newly produced houses and roof coverings must have a maintenance plan.

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