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Project planning

In connection with a new production or new roof coverings, a maintenance plan must be produced. It should set out when and in what manner inspection and corrective measures are to be carried out on roofs, roof materials, devices on the roof and roof safety. Many devices on the roof must be inspected yearly, others less often. Inspection and maintenance are done in order to sustain the function of the devices.

Upon a new product or new roof coverings, the installer of the roof safety devices must put up a sign or equivalent at the access point stating when the roof safety device was installed and by whom. It must also indicate what these devices are and any particular risks or circumstances of which one should be aware.

Detailed documentation concerning roof safety equipment and roofs must be with the property owner or be available in some other manner. The validity period for this inspection has not yet been established. There may be future standards or directives that govern this.


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