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There is a lot of planning, thought and perhaps even imagination that must formulated prior to a new construction or refurbishment of a property. A large number of regulations are to be followed and recommendations are to be taken into account, not to mention the building permits and other permits that must be obtained, and the liability throughout the building process that must be delegated and established.

Roof safety can quite advantageously be planned and sketched as soon as a property or roof construction is on the drawing board.


As an architect or designer, you have access to CAD files that can be loaded directly into the sketching program.

Planning Assistance

As a customer, you can always get our advice at no cost throughout the entire design phase. You simply contact us, and we assess your case and then work out a suitable solution based on Swedish legislation.

Call Us and Tell Us About It

Of course, you are welcome to call us and talk about your project; we will take it from there. Call our order department directly for support.

Tender Assistance

You may submit a drawing of your object in PDF or DWG format, and we will give you a design plan at no charge. E-mail to

Assessment of the Object on Site

We also have a means of assessing your object on site, if desired. Call the order department or e-mail us at to book an appointment.

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