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When it comes to product development, we find it to be very important that our solutions be derived from real-life situations. We are listening, and we take the tradesmen’s viewpoints into account, which helps us to get a better picture of how we should develop the products at the next stage.

Product development based on actual needs

The foundation of all our product development is a willingness to listen This means that we spend a great deal of time travelling around and meeting the tradesmen who install and work with our roof safety devices, as well as those who can work in safety thanks to these very devices. We find it to be extremely valuable that we get answers as to how the products work when they are used, since they affect how we further develop them to a high degree. In concrete terms, this means that our solutions look the way they do because the tradesmen have been part of the process the entire time. This working approach allows us always to be at the forefront, and we can offer you as a customer the best solutions.

Our development philosophy

• We work constantly with product development based on our customers requirements.
• We always select production methods based on the best value for the money for you as the customer.
• We offer a calculator function to simplify the processing of orders via the internet.
• You as a customer shall always get good support during project planning and in the application of legal statutes.
• Our staff is enthusiastic, skilled and service-oriented.
• We work with a major focus on the environment and on sustainable development.

Examples of product development

One important part in our development work is that the products shall have as few details as possible in order to simplify the installation. We have also produced new solutions that made the products easier to handle, thanks to their lower weight, and less need for oversight as the contact area against the surface layer is minimum, thus debris, moisture, snow and ice do not accumulate to the same extent.

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We want it to be simple enough for anyone to contact the core of the company, as that is an important part of our whole identity. You can easily take part by simply lifting the telephone and talking to any of us in order to share your viewpoints.