Why choose CW Lundberg?

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CW Lundberg’s experience in roof-safety devices goes back 30 years. We are the only supplier on the market that works exclusively with roof safety, and we are constantly improving our products based on customer utility and safety, as well as from an environmental perspective.

Extensive experience in the industry.

The company in its present form was founded in 1993. We have developed a complete range of products; thus, we are a comprehensive provider of roof safety devices, where all of our products are developed, manufactured and delivered from our factory in Mora.

Specialised in roof safety

We are presently the only company on the market exclusively specialised in roof safety. This means that 100 percent of our time is spent developing products that suit our customers’ needs, and we keep up-to-date with regard to laws and regulations.

Quickly installed and safe products.

Our product range consists of quickly installed products with few parts, which makes us competitive, as this saves time during installation. We are also proud that our products are the most advanced in Europe when it comes to deformation zones. To a certain extent, we also base our work on the notion that roofing material also develops with time, which means that we constantly follow up on how our products keep up with the roofs. This allows us to offer as high a level of safety as possible.

Free consulting throughout the entire project planning phase

All parties gain from having the roof safety done correctly right from the beginning. As one of our customers, you can get advice from us at no cost throughout the entire design phase.

If you as a fitter, followed all of our assembly instructions, we offer you full legal support in case of legal proceedings.


We find it important for everyone working with roof safety to have a good level of knowledge in the field, which is why we offer various training opportunities at no cost..


All of our products come with a 40-year guarantee in C4-class corrosive environments.

A major focus on the environment

We are the market leader in this regard as well. It is important to us that we take responsibility when it comes to how our products affect the environment.


We offer you a wide range of colours, all at no extra cost.

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