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Roof access

The roof must be accessible in a safe and easy manner. This means that access routes are planned that are ergonomically satisfactory and which prevent or limit falls.



Access route requirements

The width of the walking surfaces shall always have a minimum width of 350 mm. The walking route must have free passage with a “shoulder width” of 700 mm (350 mm from the centre to the edge). An overhead clearance of 2.1 m should be the aim. Access hatches on horizontal surfaces and on pitches of up to 45 degrees shall be 700 x 900 mm.

Remember that

Access routes shall make it possible to bring the necessary personal fall protection equipment up and down from the roof.

Remember that you should have prepared a rescue plan before going up onto the roof. What do we do if someone is hanging out from the edge of the roof? How do we get a person hanging from the roof down? How do we get a person who has been injured on the roof down?

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