Fall-preventive guardrail

A walkway and roof ladder can be supplemented by a guardrail. The guardrail allows one to walk on the walkway/roof ladder without having to be anchored with personal fall protection equipment.

This can be especially interesting when personnel with less experience in heights and in the use of personal fall protection are to service and maintain roof devices.

Guardrail requirements

The guardrail is 1 metre high and is installed at one end of the walkway/roof ladder. The height is to be calculated perpendicular to the standing surface on the ladder step to the upper edge of the rail.

Remember that

The guardrail shall be installed so that the distance between the inside of the guardrail and the centre of the walkway is approximately 350 mm.

A guardrail with the an upper rail and intermediate rail, on roof ladders, must be used on slopes steeper than 30 degrees. If the roof ladder has a guardrail, the distance from the top of the roof ladder with the guardrail (or equivalent) below, may be at most 4 metres, measured in the direction of the roof pitch when the slope of the roof exceeds 30 degrees.

On roof ladders steeper than 45 degrees, there must furthermore be a means to keep to the sides of the ladder or there must be a handrail at the side of the ladder. (Means to keep to the side pieces (handrail/railings) or ladder rungs).

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